Saturday, January 5, 2008

Great turn out on Friday!

So here it is, the first posting of the See Pine Lake documentary blog! How exciting. For those of you who couldn't make it on Friday, here's a recap:

The Clubhouse was packed, scrumptious desserts were eaten, awesome silent auction stuff was bid on and taken home, a bunch of raffle tickets were sold, the preview was watched, awesome music (including a cover of Heroin with crazy violin and tambourine) and people generally had a good ol' time.

I think I'm correct in saying that everyone enjoyed the preview. At least, no one threw tomatoes and everyone I asked said they loved it. Especially those few who were in the preview and got to embarrass themselves on camera. They really loved it.

After my minions and I cleaned up the Clubhouse, we raced back to my place and counted a $440 profit! Not bad for pulling the party, and the preview, together in less than a week!

Thanks to everyone who came, stay tuned for great stories and info on the film!